Monday, September 1, 2014
These carts are a sure way to start an instant party. Not only do they hold your alcoholic beverages, but they look pretty doing it. They truly bring pizzaz to any space! Instant traveling party commence!
Here are some of my fav's you can own yourself!

How do you decorate them, you ask? Well that is the best part! Let the creativity begin!
This is when you get to really dive in and create something unique to your style. 
Just look at some of these killer examples below!
I have been dying for one of these carts for a long time, and it is not hard to see why. They really do express your own individual style, and allow you to display those pretty things in your home that do not belong shoved in the back of a cabinet somewhere.
Just stick your favorite liquors and mixers, gold details, straws, glassware, and some sparkly accessories on that cart and you have a perfectly decorated bar ready to go! 
Oh, and don't forget, when it comes to designing your cart...

Trays (left to right):
Barware (left to right):

Now that you have created your own amazing cart get ready to...
Happy Labor Day, hope you are all enjoying your long and hopefully relaxing weekend!


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