Tuesday, September 2, 2014
ClassPass (originally named Classtivity) is something I have only recently heard about, and I must say I am dying to jump on that bandwagon. This trendsetting service was originally only offered in New York City, until recently when they introduced it to Boston. 

I have tried multiple NYC fitness classes over the year and a half I have lived here, and have been struggling to try more, but my bank account almost always wins. Most single workout classes in Manhattan can range from $20-$30 per class, and that is a steep price for most to pay! This is where ClassPass comes to the rescue! For $99 a month you get to participate in 10 classes of your choice. These classes can be used to visit the same studio up to three times in a monthly cycle. They have incorporated almost all of the most popular studios in the city, and continue to add more almost daily! 

The only downside is that you can only take 10 classes per month. Also, if you miss a class you have signed up for, cannot make it, or have failed to cancel 24 hours prior you have to pay the price, $20 buckaroos. I completely understand the cancellation policy, but it still hurts! In any case, I guess it would get my butt to that class! No being lazy and backing out!! Or as Nike says, Just Do It!  

ClassPass is making your life even easier. You can read studio reviews, and sign up for your classes directly on their site! Since I have yet to decide to join myself, I have been receiving some pretty insane promotional deals through my e-mail! Normally you have to jump on them at that moment, or the deal expires that night. One great offer I recently received was to get the first month free, and another was to take unlimited classes for a month! If you are at all unsure about joining sign up on their website (to show your interest), and see what kind of great deals you get! I definitely think it is worth a shot!

Here are some of the fitness studios I am looking forward to trying!

ClassPass is pretty much an alternative to a gym membership (unless you can also afford the gym on top of it, then lucky you!) Please let me know what your favorite classes are with your ClassPass membership! 

And as ClassPass says...



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