Sunday, August 31, 2014
Instagram really is a great tool to find noteworthy new finds! I recently came across a beautifully decorated room and thought to myself, I must know who this designer is! When I came home I ran to the computer to find out more about this mysterious interior goddess, I just knew I needed to see more. Her work was everything I thought it would be and more, based on that one photo I had found. She even has a shop on her site, where she sells some of her own gorgeous artwork. Jackpot!

This was the photograph I found on Instagram the first caught my attention
(Can you blame me?)

So who is this designer I speak of? Jana Bek! Her website, not only demonstrates her ability to design any room with beautiful ease, but her blog makes evident her grade A taste in all things interior design. This blog has countless pretty things to look at, just see for yourself...

Here is some of her gorgeous work 

Some blogging fun. Just a taste of what you will find, here is a before and after of her powder room!
Just look at that gallery wall, what a dream! She transformed a truly generic, dark, and  everyday room into a room filled with life and beauty. 


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