Monday, August 25, 2014
Happy Monday, not! :) Hey, at least its a 4.5 day week (half day Friday for the holiday weekend), and my sister comes to visit this weekend! Can't wait for it to be Friday already!

 On another note, I had to share one very exciting store I stumbled upon this weekend! While I am sure some of you have heard of Birchbox, and perhaps even indulged in that little pink box of amazingness each month, I wonder if you all are aware that they now have their own store! My friends and I made our way through SOHO this weekend, and literally bumped into the Birchbox store! My eyes just about bulged out of my head I got so excited! Let me just tell you, if you live in NYC or are going to be making your way here do yourself a favor, check it out! It is a beauty junkies paradise! You can't not buy something, that would be impossible and a tragedy. When you walk in you will be thrilled to see how beautiful, clean, and open the space is. They truly did a terrific job with the layout and decor. There is everything from high end brands, to brands I have never heard of which is always exciting! This store has everything, truly, you walk downstairs and you are entered into an adorable hair, nail and makeup salon! I was even thinking... maybe I should work there! Probably the most terrible idea I could have for my bank account though. I would never leave with money from my paycheck, the money would go directly back to the store. I have got to get my beauty product obsession under control! 
I sadly did not bring my camera with me, but here are some pictures I found just to get you as excited about the store as I am! Bah! Take me back!
Birchbox Soho: 433 West Broadway, New York City; 212-966-5395; Monday - Saturday, 10am - 8pm; Sunday, 11am -6pm 

Oh, and if you have not invested in Birchbox you really should! I cannot tell you how exciting it can be to receive that small bright pink box of goodies each month. If you are thinking its not for you though, it is a great gift. It includes personalized beauty, grooming, and lifestyles samples according to your profile. You can also rack up points and buy full sized items from your favorite samples in the Birchbox online store! If you love trying new products, this is for you!


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