Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Sadly, winter is creeping in on us. That's right, jean shorts and bathing suits will no longer cut it (sigh). Before we know it we are going to be curling up in our winter gear, and there is no running from it. I guess the next step is to accept this fact, deal with it and make it a positive. How you ask? Shop you shopaholics, shop! Every year designers are making fabulous new coats, and of course you can't be wearing the same jacket for another winter season, can you?! You need the newest and greatest. Come on, you deserve it! 
1. JCrew
6. SAM
7. Zara
9. T Tahari

Coats are great they keep us warm and cozy, but they aren't the only helpers! Gotta accessorize! Gloves, hats and scarves are also a girls best friend during these dark and cold winter days. 

1. Ralph Lauren Gloves
2. Mandy Mittens 
3. Fingerless Rag&Bone Gloves 
4. Kate Spade Bow Gloves 
5. Burberry Scarf
6. Jaye Hooded Scarf 
7. Madewell Scarf
8. Kate Spade Scarf 
9. Adore Beanie  
10. Pieces Eluna Beanie 
11. Zig Zag Turban
12. Cable Knitted Headband

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