Wednesday, August 27, 2014
It is no secret that I LOVE COSMETICS! I have tried everything under the sun, from drugstore brands to the very high end brands (that I cannot really afford, but that has never stopped me before, TMI?). I truly have a love affair with makeup. With all of the pretty colors and beautiful packaging that these items come in, who in their right mind could resist? I can truly bring on the peer pressure when I find an item I believe in. I, with all of my being, feel that everyone should experience the excellence of the product, and enjoy it just as much as I do! With all of my cosmetics obsessing I have become the makeup artist and hair guru for my circle of friends. I am really thinking about charging (thoughts?). I could never actually charge my friends, could I? Just kidding! I love to do hair and makeup, and enjoy how beautiful they feel after I complete their looks, it really makes me feel validated. Perhaps I should have gone to beauty school? Getting back on topic, the countless brands and cosmetics I have been through in my lifetime, I think I have finally found a pretty great everyday makeup routine. However, this routine does change slightly every few weeks, but here is what I am using as of now! 

Step 7+8 Brush (Yes, I am bad with brushes..oops) Too Faced: Powder Pouf Brush
- On apples of cheeks in Peony Bobbi Brown blush

Laying my makeup routing out in steps makes it sound like a job! Sheesh! It really is worth it though, and does not take nearly as long as it looks! Tonight I will have to take a picture of my makeup stash! I think that is the only way you will understand my true cosmetics obsession. Please let me know what makeup you are wearing, and what I absolutely need to try!

Have a great Wednesday!


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