Friday, August 29, 2014
Happy first day to the long weekend, whew! It is so needed!
 Just let me say, before anything else...
 I am officially going to make Fridays, Etsy Shop Fridays!
I have a sick obsession with Etsy, just like I do with cosmetics. Ya know, anything that costs money I seem to love :) There are just so many incredible shops on Etsy, and insanely talented people that create them! You can literally find anything you are looking for! It is a great place to find decor for your personal space, gifts, and well just about anything and everything! I was just asked to be one of my best friends bridesmaids, and I was absolutely thrilled! She and I have been friends since we were practically born, and now I get to help make her special day even more special! I just knew I would need to get on Etsy quickly and start finding fun things for her bachelorette party and other wedding events! 
Here are some of the exciting items I have found so far. 
 From top left..
Please share with me any of your great bridal finds, I would really appreciate it!!


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