Saturday, September 6, 2014
These days most everyone opens their mail to find bills (my personal favorite), and maybe a magazine here and there, but isn't it exciting to see a pretty envelope handwritten just for you? Getting mail via e-mail is just so impersonal. Communication through technology has just become so effortless, it's almost beginning to feel like an easy way out. I miss the "olden" days of having to pick up the phone to speak with a certain someone, or handwriting a letter! It feels so much more personal and special to take that extra time, instead of shooting out a quick "hey, how are you" via text! Don't you think? The letter may take a bit longer to get there than the instantness of the internet, but its worth it! Handwritten notes feels thoughtful, and being that it is a physical piece of paper they can keep it forever. 
The internet has basically taken over the world! It has allowed even the biggest companies to become paperless, and for almost everything to become immediate, from bills being paid to getting a phone number. People have become so impatient and antsy, no one seems to want to wait anymore! I think its time to take a chill pill! Take a breather and relax, sometimes its nice to not be in such a rush. So grab a pretty pen and get writing! There are so many companies out there with some insanely glamorous cards! Here are some of the ones I am swooning over! 



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