Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Boo for rainy days, especially in Manhattan! Those days can be real rough, and wet! It can be a hard day to look cute, I mean our hair is one thing but what about our shoes? Mine are always a hot mess by the end of a stormy weather day, and I hate walking around in yucky wet shoes, but then again who doesn't? If you live in a city where walking is your main form of travel, or even if you don't I am telling you rain boots (or wellies) will be your new best friend! I knew if I was going to be living, and surviving in a city that I would have some necessities, but boy I did not realize how necessary they would be! Not only are rain boots going to keep your clothing and body parts from getting wet, but during the winter they will keep your feet warm and double as snow boots! Woohoo two in one usage baby!


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