Monday, September 15, 2014

I am a terrible sleeper. Everything wakes me up! I swear, I could hear a pin drop and think its an elephant, or let's be real I would most likely think its someone breaking in (paranoid much?). I think I first started to become a bad sleeper senior year of college, I think life was catching up with me and the thought of being out there in the "real world" was terrifying. I had to find some kind of solution, and as if someone heard my sleepless nights I found.... wait for it... the eye mask!! It truly has helped my sleeping more than I ever expected. I never thought a sheet over my eyes would do much, but my friends kept insisting I try it and I am beyond thankful I finally gave in. It does take a bit to get used to, but you will sleep like a baby. Now I can't sleep without it! That can be the not so ideal part, you get addicted to the eye mask! Thankfully there are some super cute ones out there! I have passed on the word to all of my girlfriends, and gotten them addicted to the Mary Green eye masks. These are the ones I wear! They are beautiful, silk, comfortable and fashionable! Better grab hers fast though, not sure she is making them anymore!! Luckily, there are some other great ones out there I am excited to try.


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